#94 Days For #Reconciliation Social Media Campaign

In November 2015, Canadian Roots Exchange put together a social media campaign entitled “#94days for #reconciliation”. The goal of this campaign is to keep the Calls to Action of the TRC strong and relevanReconciliationt.

Youth from across the country contributed videos, poetry or other artistic pieces that outlined each of the 94 calls to action, and explained why the chosen call to action s important for youth  in Canada today.

By incorporating the voices and viewpoints of youth from across Canada, #94days for #reconciliation allows Indigenous and non Indigenous youth to understand the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Actions through the voices of their peers, and gives them a chance to speak about the needed changes as well as show dedication in advancing the process of reconciliation in Canada.

The hashtags #94days, #94jours, #reconciliation help identify this campaign on Facebook and Twitter, and daily videos for each of the 94 calls to action are uploaded to our Canadian Roots Exchange YouTube channel (#94DaysForReconciliation)

Check out all the #94days for #Reconciliation videos by clicking here!