Practicing What We Preach

At the Canadian Roots Exchange we make every effort to run our programs and our organization in a way that is respectful of the communities and people with whom we work, and the teachings that we receive from those who we meet on our travels. Some of the ways that we do this are:

    a. Having teams of Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders

The Canadian Roots Exchange is based on the idea of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people working in collaboration and partnership with one another, in a welcoming and open way. For this reason we always aim to have each of our exchange programs and facilitation team have shared leadership from  Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

b. Only going where we are invited

The Canadian Roots Exchange will never visit a community unless invited. We are very grateful for the hospitality, generosity and encouragement that we have received from so many community members, Chiefs, and other community leaders.

c. Respecting the way of life and teachings of our host communities

Leading up to our exchange programs, participants take part in orientation sessions with their group leaders and their guides. During these sessions we work to create safe spaces for dialogue, as well as receiving teachings on appropriate protocol and behavior to observe while being hosted by community members.

d. Considering our environmental impact

Out of respect for our environment, and the generations that come before and after ours, the Canadian Roots Exchange will purchase Carbon Offsets to balance the impact of our vans, plane and boat rides. All operations of the Canadian Roots Exchange, from food purchases to office supplies, are undertaken with environmental sustainability in mind.