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 Pic River-Thunder Bay Exchange | July 5th-12th, 2015

The Begetekong Anishnabek, Ojibways of the Pic River First Nation will be hosting this week-long camping excursion. Pic River First Nation is located approximately 350 km northeast of Thunder Bay Ontario on the north shore of Lake Superior. Participants will learn about the community’s current land claim, constitutional development, hydro projects, and language revitalization. The participants will also have the opportunity to take part in the community’s annual pow-wow! Be prepared to explore the outdoors; history, culture, and politics of the community, and to build new relationships.

Any interested participants should contact thunderbay@canadianroots.ca Please make sure to follow the Thunder Bay CRE Team here.

 Algonquin Park-Silver Lake  Exchange | Tentative Dates August 24-30, 2015: 

Did you know the Algonquin Territory stretches from North Bay, into Algonquin Park, south to Perth and east to Ottawa? This program invites you to connect with the land and water which is home to the Algonquin Nation. We will canoe, hike and learn about the history of the Algonquin land claim and how it affects the peoples who live within the territory today. Hosted by community members, participants will learn about traditional rice harvesting, species at risk and water justice. Participants will also travel to Silver Lake to learn, participate and volunteer at one of the most celebrated social gatherings of the year: Silver Lake Pow Wow! This program is highly experiential with camping, hiking and canoeing almost every day.  Fees will apply to this program. CRE strives to make its programs accessible and makes available some bursary assistance for all of its programs.  Any interested participants should submit an online application, or contact info@canadianroots.ca  


Canadian Roots Exchange has organized 2 exchanges in collaboration with the YMCA. These groups are already formed among youth between the ages of 14-18 years from the communities of Toronto, ON, Ottawa, ON/Gatineau, QC, Saskatoon, SK, and Cawston, B.C. The exchanges have  a focus on:

- Learning Canadian histories and present realities in relations to the experiences of Indigenous and Immigrant communities through community and group activities, ceremonies and walking tours
- Inter-generational dialogue and valuing oral traditions and histories from Indigenous communities
- Strengthening relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth through providing leadership skills, public speaking and conflict resolution training

Ottawa/Gatineau – Cawston, BC Reconciliation Initiative Exchange

Cawston Hosting Dates: March 14, 2015 – March 20, 2015 (Ottawa/Gatineau youth are hosted in Cawston)

Ottawa/Gatineau Hosting Dates: May 28, 2015 – June 3, 2015 (Cawston youth are hosted in Ottawa)

For more details, please contact info@canadianroots.ca



Canadian Roots is currently  planning a number of youth led activities in various communities across Canada. CRE has trained youth facilitators who deliver workshops that try to raise awareness of Indigenous history, culture and current realities.  Workshops help participants to dispel stereotypes, deepen their knowledge of the history including the struggles and triumphs of Indigenous Canadians.   If you are interested in having Canadian Roots do a workshop with your youth please contact us.  We have designed and delivered workshops that have ranged from a few hours to 2 days.

For more details contact info@canadianroots.ca