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14525229_318486861860318_6066629042472559031_oBeardy’s & Okemasis First Nation is one of the original signatories to Treaty 6, making it a location rich in Cree culture. Its proximity to Fort Carleton and Batoche also make it an ideal place to learn about Métis and Saskatchewan history. Over the course of 4 days and nights, 13 Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants will come together to learn from community members and develop a greater understanding of each others’ current realities. As part of this program, youth participants will learn about the historical importance of the region as well as the modern successes of the community. Youth between the ages of 18 and 29 years of age are encouraged to apply. This project is supported in part by Willow Cree Health Services. Youth participants who are selected will be asked to contribute a participation fee. CRE will provide round-trip transport from Saskatoon, food, lodging and all activities for the program. CRE strives to make its programs accessible and as such, youth facing financial barriers who have challenges contributing the full fee are still encouraged to apply as some bursaries can be made available.  Selected participants are required to attend 1-2 pre-departure sessions before the exchange.

Interested participants should submit an online application, or contact info@canadianroots.ca,1-306-966-2964

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*This is an exchange for Sudbury – Manitoulin Island area youth aged 18-29 

manitoulin-island-circleManitoulin Island or Mnidoo Mnising is home of the Ojibwe, Odawa and Pottawatomi People’s or Anishnaabek. During this November long-weekend program, participants will be visiting several Anishinaabek communities throughout the island. This Manitoulin visit will focus on First Nations education, language revitalization and connection to land, through Story telling and arts. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the community members and youth of manitoulin through Drum-making/Socials, Historical teachings, and helping to prepare traditional foods. This is an experiential program were participants will also have the opportunity to partake in a Traditional sweat with an Elder.

Participation fee is $30.

Ka-waabmin pii dgoshnan maanpii Mnising – see you when you arrive to the Island!
This program is made possible by the generous support of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres.
Questions? Email info@canadianroots.ca or call us at 416 946 5047.





Canadian Roots Exchange is offering a 16 week transformational leadership program. This program invites you to engage in collective cross-cultural bonding with local youth from diverse backgrounds. It will consist of bi-weekly programming that will focus on reconciliation, solidarity and decolonization. These sessions will provide an opportunity to discuss issues of identity, community, inclusion and xenophobia including Islamophobia. Hosted by the Canadian Roots Exchange team and local community members, participants will get a chance to learn about Canadian history from an Indigenous perspective through interactive workshops, sharing circles, and field trips. As a group, participants will also have the opportunity to create a short video and zine about their reflections. Youth between the ages of 18 and 29 are encouraged to apply. This program is free of charge and selected participants are required to attend bi-weekly programming from September to April in Saskatoon

Interested participants should submit an online application, or contact info@canadianroots.ca1-306-966-2964





Canadian Roots is currently  planning a number of youth led activities in various communities across Canada. CRE has trained youth facilitators who deliver workshops that aim to raise awareness of Indigenous histories, cultures and current realities.  Workshops help participants to dispel stereotypes, deepen their knowledge of the history of Canada and Indigenous communities, as well as an understanding of contemporary realities and reconciliation. If you are interested in having Canadian Roots do a workshop with your youth please contact us.  We have designed and delivered workshops that have ranged from a few hours to 2 days.

For more details contact info@canadianroots.ca




Join us in Winnipeg, Manitoba next year for our 5th Annual National Canadian Roots Exchange Youth Conference from March 27 to the 29th

Our 3rd Annual Youth Reconciliation Conference was held at Children of the Earth High school in Winnipeg. We are returning to another local high school for our 5th Annual Conference to continue to unite Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth across Canada. Winnipeg has one of the largest Indigenous populations in the country. Winnipeg youth have become strong leaders of connecting Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Since 2013, our conferences have united over 600 Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth from all provinces and territories through interactive youth-led dialogues in order to develop a national network of youth leadership to promote reconciliation between all Canadians.

We will provide info on how to participate and register promptly !

*If you’re interested in presenting a workshop at the conference, please email: conference@canadianroots.ca

See you in Winnipeg, 2017!