Indigenous Youth Research Grants

Indigenous Youth Research Grants photo collage


CRE’s Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research is pleased to launch our Indigenous Youth Research Grants. This program provides small grants to Indigenous youth who want to design, develop, and implement their own community-based research projects in Canada. Small grants of $1000 will be provided to successful applicants to implement their project.

This program is designed to ignite grassroots youth-led research projects and to highlight emerging researchers in new ways. No research experience needed, just a desire to learn and produce research that matters to youth and their communities.  

These youth-led projects will utilize Indigenous research methodologies and protocols, which the youth will be learning during the duration of their project through mentorship pairings with experienced Indigenous researchers. A series of accessible webinar modules will be provided to the youth upon approval of their application, after which a certificate of completion will be offered to the Youth Researcher.


Eligible Youth Researchers must be:

  • 18 – 29 years old
  • Recognized Indigenous person in Canada (First Nation, Inuit, and/or Métis) 
  • The primary researcher (applicants may have folks support them (e.g. team) during their project, but they must be the primary researcher if they do)
  • Committed to completing a community-centred research project
  • Committed to having their research project shared by CRE on their website in an agreed-upon method (knowledge mobilization)

Eligible Project Proposals must:

  • Be received by end of April, 2020
  • Be community-driven and involve research located in Canada 
  • Have a focus relevant to Indigenous people or communities
  • Be accompanied by a brief project budget

Eligible Project Projects do not need to be:

  • Based on Western research academic standards
  • Presented or written in an academic essay format

Additional Benefits

Successful Applicants will also enjoy:

  • The opportunity to have their completed project published on the CRE website under the Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research
  • Indigenous-specific 1-to-1 methodologies training with Indigenous researchers
  • A unique addition to their CV
  • The opportunity to reapply for future projects

Outcomes and Considerations

  • How does your research benefit the community? How does your fit in with community priorities or advance where your community is going? Please note, “community” can mean something different to everyone. Please identify what it means to you in the context of your research (i.e. your home community, the city you live in, a particular community you identify with etc.)
  • Upon completion, how would you like to see the research being used? What is your commitment to knowledge mobilization, which is key to our program?
  • A key part of this program is mentorship. Do you have someone specific in mind you would like to support you during your research? 

Acceptance Process

The deadline to submit a completed application is end of April. Then a committee will review applications thoroughly and evaluate them based on three main criteria:

1. Impact on the Indigenous community;

2. Impact on the research applicant; and,

3. The creativity and originality of the project. 

Once the successful applicants are notified and their agreement is signed, they will be paired up with staff on the CRE research team. You will also be provided a link to the Research Ethics and Indigenous Research Methodology webinars. You will have about a week and a half to complete these, which should take about 90 minutes combined.

The first mentorship session will be scheduled after you receive confirmation. These sessions can run anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of your project and your experience. If you have a lot of experience with research, these will simply be a check-in. This will also be time to get to know your mentor, set expectations, review ethics and Indigenous protocols, and any further clarification you might need. Another check-in with your mentor will be scheduled a month or so after, but you are welcome to connect at other times as agreed upon with your mentor.

Upon receipt of the final product you will have a final meeting with your assigned mentor to debrief the process and exchange feedback. All dates and deadlines will be determined at a later date due to current circumstances. Please reach out if you have any questions.

*For longer-term projects, if approved, an interim report must be turned in at this point.