Since 2008, CRE’s hallmark exchanges, national conference, and Youth Reconciliation Initiative have been putting youth at the forefront of reconciliation and decolonization work.

Land-Based Programming (formerly Exchanges)

Trips for Indigenous youth (aged 12-17) to receive land-based teachings and to learn more about their history, culture, and ceremony from Elders, knowledge keepers, and community leaders. Our Land-based Programming brings Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to Indigenous communities, nurturing face-to-face relationships mediated by Elders and local Indigenous leaders. With our support, many alumni have grown in CRE, occupying key positions at every level from the Board to our staff teams.

Annual National Gathering

CRE has been delivering a national youth reconciliation conference every year since 2012. Our conferences are unique in featuring almost exclusively young leaders, many of whom are alumni of our exchanges or Youth Reconciliation Initiative. Our gatherings are national convergences of youth, community groups, and organizations to network and share their passion, ideas, projects, and learnings. Locations and themes change year to year.

National and Rural Youth Reconciliation Initiative

Each year, CRE equips teams of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to realize their own visions for reconciliation. As a part of a national network, this leadership development program gives teams of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth (aged 18-29) the necessary skills, training, and resources to facilitate workshops and undertake projects that advance reconciliation in their community whether they are urban or rural. From coast to coast to coast, our YRI leaders are spearheading transformative change in their communities, weaving a network of diverse, committed youth changing the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples for the better.

New Programs:

Centre for Indigenous Policy & Research: Registration Coming soon

The CRE Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research aims to create a national centre that prioritizes youth policy development and research to support Indigenous based reconciliation actions in Canada. The Centre aims to increase the capacity of Indigenous youth to influence policy changes and produce innovative research. The Centre will create space for new leadership and provide resources and tools for youth voices to create impactful change.

CREation: Registration Coming soon

A physical and digital space that nurtures initiatives from the next wave of Indigenous changemakers. We support youth leaders to realize and prototype solutions to some of Canada’s most pressing social, cultural, and economic challenges.

National Indigenous Youth Network 

Through a digital network, Indigenous youth (aged 12-29) from coast to coast to coast communicate, collaborate, and build community. This network is guided by the youth their ideas and vision. This is an exciting opportunity to travel and meet new people. You’ll gain knowledge and skills through online webinars, apps, social media, and other amazing digital resources. You will have the chance to connect through a network with other Indigenous youth from across the country. To register or find out more email and become a part of the change you want to see!

Junior YRI 

Following the success of our Youth Reconciliation Initiative and with additional funding, CRE is launching its Junior Reconciliation Initiative. As a pilot program, CRE is seeking to launch a week-long leadership camp for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth aged 14-17 in the following communities: Edmonton, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, and Thunder Bay. These camps will take place during the respective spring break in your community.

In addition to our hallmark programs, CRE also runs rotating local projects tailored to the needs, interests, and abilities of the youth community. Find more information on these and our hallmark programming under the Programs tab!