Saskatoon/Whitehorse Exchange

Phase 1: March 21-27, 2018 (in Saskatoon)
Phase 2: May 17- 23 (in Whitehorse)

Looking for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth aged 14-17 from Saskatoon and Whitehorse, to participate in a cultural exchange between Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Whitehorse, Yukon.

From March 21-27, 2018 Saskatoon will host the Whitehorse participants for six days and participate in group activities, sightseeing and local events. The Saskatoon team will then travel to Whitehorse from May 17-23, 2018 for the second phase of the exchange.

Please note that accepted participants are expected to commit and fully participate in both the visiting and hosting phases

This is a FREE exchange program. Youth must have two valid pieces of identification in order to travel and fundraising as a team will be a crucial part of preparing for this exchange.

To apply:

If you live in SASKATOON click here

If you live in WHITEHORSE click here

Questions? Contact us:

If you are from Saskatoon please contact

If you are from Whitehorse please contact:

For Saskatoon Participants

For Saskatoon Participants

For Whitehorse Partcipants

For Whitehorse Partcipants

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