Youth Reconciliation Leaders for Halifax

Fatima Beydoun Halifax

Fatima Beydoun

Hello, Salaam! My name is Fatima Beydoun and I am a first year Social Science Student at Dalhousie University. I was born and still reside in the un-ceded, un-surrendered Mi’kmaq territory of Halifax (K’jipuktuk), Nova Scotia. As a second-generation immigrant, I believe it is so important to learn about the land in which I reside on, historically and presently, and to see in what ways I may be directly or indirectly feeding into colonial systems. I joined the CRE Youth Reconciliation Initiative in hopes of promoting intercultural dialogue surrounding reconciliation and how that can look like from a youth perspective. Oftentimes, we choose to stay around things and people that are familiar to us, but it is essential to get out of that bubble for collaborative change to come about. I’m so excited to work alongside my team members to create opportunities to bring indigenous and non-indigenous folks together in the spirit of reconciliation. Reconciliation requires the collective effort of all, and I am so privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of this process of learning and unlearning with Canadian Roots!

Hasan Sinan HalifaxHasan Sinan

Salam! I was born and raised in Kuwait, and I am of Palestinian and Lebanese ancestry. I’ve been living in Halifax, on unceded, unsurrenderd Mi’kmaq territory for 4 years and I’m Psychology and Spanish student at Dalhousie University. I’m really excited to join the YRI team this year! I’m hoping to build more bridges between newcomers and indigenous communities and to encourage youth to learn more about indigenous topics.



Jenna Stewart HalifaxJenna Stewart

My name is Jenna Stewart. I am a second year political studies student at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. I am a Mi’kmaw women with strong family ties in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. I joined the YRI Halifax team because I feel that there is a bridge of education and understanding that has to be built for reconciliation to happen.  A fun fact about me is that I love learning and exploring; which lead me to do an additional year of high school in Japan.



Kayla Bernard HalifaxKayla Bernard

Hi all, my name is Kayla Bernard, I am a Mi’kmaq youth from  Sipekne’katik.  I am living in Halifax and studying Rec Thearpy and Management at Dalhousie University. I have a passion for reconciliation as I am from a mixed culture family. From a young age I have been sharing my culture and history with everyone around me. An interesting fact about me is that I love to sing! Not just in the shower or to my cats, but I also sing in a community choir!