Youth Reconciliation Leaders for Halifax


Christiana Hubley

Hello! My name is Christiana Hubley. I live on unceded Mi’kmaq territory in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am from the Millbrook First Nation and African- Nova Scotian. I worked with Hope Blooms a registered charity devoted to overcoming food insecurity in the inner city of Halifax. I am entering my second year at Dalhousie University where I am the first person to attempt to complete a double major of Law, Justice and Society/ Creative Writing. I look forward to meeting you all and working towards reconciliation with youth!




Mariana Carrera Orellana

Hola! I am a first-generation member of the Mexican diaspora born in unceded, unsurrendered Mi’kmaqi and have lived most of my life in Punamu’kwati’jk (Dartmouth) and Kjipuktuk (Halifax). My family is from (and largely still resides in or nearby) the Mexica city of Tenochtitlán (now known as Mexico City/La Ciudad de México) in the traditional territory of the Aztec Triple Alliance.

‘Belonging’ is an important value and issue for me – how do we find ourselves, our identities, and the best ways to relate to one another? I find that these questions get unearthed a lot in reconciliation processes. This is why I am so excited to be joining the Canadian Roots community this year. It’s an honour to share, serve, and learn from the reconciliation journeys of other youth.