Youth Reconciliation Team for Hamilton – Six Nations


img_7885Donovan Erutse

My name is Donovan. I am originally from the NWT. I live and study in Hamilton, ON. I’ve joined this YRI team of youth leaders to shed light on Indigenous issues. I would like  to facilitate new discussions, ideas, and relationships among both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.



img_7896Jay Rideout

My name is Jay, I’m  a gender neutral, queer, white settler residing on Six Nation territory, Brantford, ON. I joined YRI because I think building larger networks and building nation-to-nation connections is a good place to begin a process of reconciliation. I am excited to see what conversations and actions come out of this initiative.


img_7933Sameh Helmy

Hello, my name is Sameh. I was born and raised in Kuwait. I am of Egyptian ancestry. I currently reside on Haudenosaunee land, Hamilton. I joined YRI in hopes of getting the opportunity to visit every Indigenous community/reserve in Canada and to keep a record of the conversations that may emerge out of such an experience and use them as a tool to further reconciliation.