Youth Reconciliation Leaders of Rankin Inlet

img_7433Karen Tutanuak

I am Karen Tutanuak of Rankin Inlet, I joined CRE to help build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples mainly in my home town. I am hoping to help raise awareness of CRE’s mission and vision of reconciliation in my hometown. We are planning lots of fun stuff including events, workshops and hopefully an exchange trip! Yay Rankin! Yay Nunavut!








img_7436Maria Kasaluak

Hello my name is Maria Kasaluak and my inuktitut name is Tiriaq. I am an inuk and my grandparents come from two different areas in the Kivalliq region. I was born in Winnipeg and raised in Rankin Inlet. I am happy and excited to be part of the very first Rankin Inlet team!
I joined CRE because for a while now, i have been wanting to get involved in this community of 3000, especially with the youth because i noticed that they are losing our language and culture which i’ve learned are very important for our elders. My wish for this year is to learn better how to be a shoulder to cry on and to be a source of support for any person struggling with mental health and depression.