Youth Reconciliation Leaders of Saskatoon


Katie Douglas

Hello! My name is Katie. I am a white settler who was born in  K’jipuktuk (also known as Halifax, Nova Scotia) and grew up in treaty four territory in Saskatchewan. I completed my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at Dalhousie University and am completing my Masters research at the University of Saskatchewan. I am firm believer that there are multiple ways of knowing and viewing the world. Reconciliation is important to me because I believe it is part of my responsibility as a white settler to amplify and listen to Indigenous voices, learn, and help other settlers learn about Canada’s colonial past and understand it’s present and ongoing effects.




Russell McAuley

Tansi! I am from treaty 5 territory, Cumberland House, Saskatchewan. Currently training as a herbalist as well as completing a masters in Educational Foundations at the University of Saskatchewan where I also received a bachelors in Sociology and Secondary Education.

Also working as the Intercultural Education Coordinator for one of Saskatoon’s 5 settlement agencies, Saskatchewan Intercultural Association (SIA). I am very active in the community, working hard to Indigenize the organization I work with, make positive connections, and all the while doing my part in reconciliation.



Sana Mohamad

Hello, Bonjour! My name is Sana Mohamad, I am a newcomer to Canada, I came from Middle East, Syria. I am currently settling in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I have graduated from High school and I got accepted into Edward school of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, and I like art very much and I encourage everyone who have a talent to be proud of it and try to improve it. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be a volunteer of the Canadian Roots Exchange and I am so happy to be accepted, and have this opportunity that will allow me teach more people about my culture, background, and where I came from, in addition to share our youth voices to help build and encourage the First Nation communities in Canada, I am looking forward to do my best at this great opportunity that I have received. I would like to say thank you to all the people who have supported me and helped me to be where I am today and to get this opportunity.


Justice Rain Noon

Hello, My name is Justice! I am an urban Indigenous woman who was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I am of Northern Plains Cree, Swampy Cree and Lakota Ogalala descent. Under status, I am from Thunderchild First Nations.  Currently I am at Polytechnic, upgrading a few classes so I can get into the College of Nursing in Regina. A big part of my passion is being able to open up conversations between groups of people and to get to a level of humanity. Too many times in society we focus on the differences in one another; acknowledging the similarities through our human experience can get us to a level of humility. In reconciliation, healing begins with ones self, then we can begin the steps in helping and contributing to our communities (that we are a part of). I believe the CRE has given me the opportunity to learn diplomacy, build bridges and to hear the stories of others. I am very excited for the Saskatoon team to start its work!


Dionne Ryane

Bio coming soon…