Youth Reconciliation Leaders for Winnipeg

img_7424Amy Jenna Der-Ironstar

My name is Amy Jenna Der-Ironstar. I am from treaty 4 (Carry the Kettle First Nation). I am part First Nation (Assinboine  and Cree) and part Chinese. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’m honored to be part of the YRI team this year. There needs to be a strong relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. By knowing the history, we bring back the culture.







CRE YRI Headshots - 24Chelsey Meade

Tansi | Aaniin | Hello, My name is Chelsey-Sioux Anne Meade, I am a Cree and Ojibwe youth from the Peguis First Nation. I left my community to pursue a post-secondary education and I now reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am in my fourth year of the Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) Degree in Indigenous Governance and Management at the University of Manitoba. I am thrilled to be a part of the Youth Reconciliation Initiative! I believe it is important to create a safe space for non-Indigenous and Indigenous youth to engage in healthy dialogue in order to debunk various perceptions we have about each other. I also believe it is important for youth to have exposure to different perspectives and teachings from across our diverse nations. By doing so, we can embrace our differences and learn from each other in order to build a stronger nation. | Kinanâskomitin |


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 12.45.26 PMDiandre Thomas-Hart – Conference Lead

Tansi, Aaniin, my name is Diandre Tyra Thomas-Hart also known as Dee, and my spirit name is Young Woman Who Walks/Stands among the Eagles, and I am Cree and Ojibwe from the Bear Clan. My hometown is Winnipeg, Manitoba, where I was born and raised in the North End. I am a student at the University of Winnipeg, majoring in Indigenous Studies, minor in Film. I am proud to be a Native American woman in this generation because of the many opportunities that are constantly presented to me and I hope to be an inspirational role model for the younger generation. I take humble pride in my accomplishments, I love a challenge and I seek to achieve far greater things. Aho, Miigwetch!

CRE YRI Headshots - 12Erica Wilson

Hello, my name is Erica Wilson an emerging artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba living on Treaty No. 1 land.  I’m a Metis/Anishinaabe women still learning about my culture and my place in this world. This will be my second year with Canadian roots exchange and YRI. In my first year I learned so much about privilege, connecting with others, and what it means to live as a community. The main reason why I joined for a second year is to continue with an amazing team of individuals reaching for the same goal of coming to a place of understanding, and to explore what it means to be Canadian living on Indigenous land together. I want the dream of moving forward together to grow, so that we can begin to dismantle the stereotypes that hold us back from being who we really are – caring human beings! We learn everyday it’s in our nature to connect, love and keep searching for understanding.


img_7421Hazim Ismail

My name is Hazim Ismail. I’m a Javanese Malay, Chinese gay refugee from Malaya. I’m currently a Psychology student in Winnipeg Treaty One Territory. Youth Reconciliation Initiative is a fantastic accessible platform for me and others across Turtle Island to facilitate difficult but necessary conversations on reconciliation and decolonizing the false histories that have been spewed for so long, molding them to fit the communities’ specific needs and dismantling systems of oppression that barricade those needs from being met. I’m hoping to strengthen non-Indigenous solidarity with Indigenous communities with my experiences as a brown migrant by spotlighting common experiences in colonization and imperialism.