Youth Reconciliation Initiative

The Youth Reconciliation Initiative (YRI) has been placing youth at the forefront of reconciliation work since 2012. The YRI builds the capacity of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to envision and realize their own visions of reconciliation. CRE now supports YRI teams in 12 communities from coast to coast to coast.

1. Apply

YRI recruitment happens every June-July! Send in a resume and cover letter to to be considered.

2. Train

There is a week-long YRI training every August where you'll be linked with the people and resources for a successful year.

3. Organize!

From September to April, organize monthly events for youth in your community to discuss what reconciliation means to you.

4. Share

Share your learning at our annual conference or at exchanges near you!

We are now recruiting YRI leaders.
Recruitment season is now here! If you're 17-29 years old and interested in being part of the YRI, check out this document for eligibility and instructions. Best of luck - we look forward to working with you!