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Directions is a CRE newsletter that will be published monthly, beginning December 16th, 2019. In this newsletter, you will find a selection of stories about the organization, what we’ve been up to, who we are talking to, and what we have planned for the next couple of months.

Our first issue is big! Depending on your email app you may receive a clipped version of the email and have to click through to view the whole thing. We promise this is just a one-time occurrence.

We’ve been quite busy this year. We’ve expanded our programming to reach more Indigenous youth, allowing them opportunities to become leaders in their own communities and nationally. We’ve expanded our offices and outreach. We’ve also started the Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research, and have begun creating a National Indigenous Youth Network that will serve to reflect the diverse needs of the Indigenous population in Canada.

We thank you for your interest in the work we are doing here at CRE and are looking forward to the coming year. We have a lot of wonderful things in the works!

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