Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research

The CRE Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research aims to create a national centre that prioritizes youth policy development and research to support Indigenous based reconciliation actions in Canada. The Centre aims to increase the capacity of Indigenous youth to influence policy changes and produce innovative research. The Centre will create space for new leadership and provide resources and tools for youth voices to create impactful change.

Indigenous Policy School

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The Indigenous Policy School seeks to develop the next generation of influential Indigenous policy leaders. Over the course of nine months, Indigenous youth will learn from a broad range of guest speakers about policy development, government advocacy and systems change and will be provided with the skills and opportunities to impact policy decisions that matter to them. The School will provide space for Indigenous youth (aged 18-29) to engage with peers through interactive in-person and online sessions on a local and national level. The School will support Indigenous youth to ensure their priorities are advanced and perspectives are reflected in government policies and programs.


Research Hub

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The Research Hub will provide opportunities for youth-led and community focused researchers to undertake research projects that address the most pressing questions facing reconciliation in their communities and across Canada. In order to achieve this, the Hub will produce an annual cornerstone project; provides mentorship and funding to small-scale youth-led research projects, and work in partnership with various organizations and institutions to undertake innovative projects that help us to achieve reconciliation in our lifetime.

Annual Cornerstone Project

National Youth Reconciliation Barometer

The Canadian Youth Reconciliation Barometer is a new social research study intended to establish benchmark indicators for the state of reconciliation among the country’s youth that can also provide a foundation for monitoring progress over time. The primary focus of this research is on beliefs, attitudes, priorities, behaviours and experiences as they pertain to relevant dimensions of Indigenous-non-Indigenous relations, and reconciliation in particular. This initiative is a joint venture of the Environics Institute for Survey Research, Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE), and the MasterCard Foundation.

This research establishes a benchmark to provide a definitive measure of the state of reconciliation among Canada’s youth as a whole and within specific population segments. It will produce a set of indicators that can then be used in future surveys to build upon the benchmark as a means of charting trends at a national level, as well as within specific communities of interest. A key feature of this initiative is to build “open-source” indicators, that will be available to any organization choosing to do research in this area.

Canadian Youth Reconciliation Barometer 2019 – FINAL REPORT