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Support Youth Opportunities by Donating Aeroplan Miles!

CRE uses Aeroplan points to provide more program opportunities for youth with access barriers. Youth from more distant communities with financial barriers often are unable to participate in our programs due to the high cost of air travel.

CRE will be using Aeroplan points to allow more youth to participate on CRE programs who otherwise wouldn't get the opportunity. Flights across the country on Aeroplan cost 25,000 points but by pooling donated points we hope to be able to transport more youth.

If you, or anyone you know has points that will be expiring, don't have enough points to use for anything, or would just like to donate some, CRE can make good use of them! Because CRE is a registered charity, all donations of 1,000 points or more will be topped up by an additional 10% by Aeroplan. Therefore your points actually translate into more points for us! If you don't use aeroplan here's a great excuse to sign up and donate future points earned to CRE.

***CRE is thrilled that we have also been chosen as an Aeroplan designated charity - this means that you can select CRE to receive 2% of all miles earned. Sign up to do this today by logging into your personal account, find the 'donations' tab under the profile info section, and add CRE as your designated charity.

It goes a long way for us!

To donate just click on the link below.

Donations only cost points and no cash is involved and no receipts can be provided.

More Info

Thank you Aeroplan donors! You have helped youth from Nunavut be part of our programs!

Since becoming an official Aeroplan charity, CRE has already used Aeroplan points to include youth from Nunavut in our Youth Reconciliation Initiative. Flights that would otherwise have cost in excess of $2,200 have been offset with using Aeroplan. Below is a testiminial of some of CRE's Youth Leaders from Nunavut. Please donate more Aeroplan to provide leadership opportunities to youth such as Kerri and Michelle!